Giardia Test

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A test for the detection of Giardia lamblia antigens in dogs and cats. The test rates very highly for specificity and sensitivity.  The screen is undertaken by specialist and experienced analysts using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)/Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) methods in our state of the art, purpose built laboratory.

This test has a use by date of at least 4 weeks from point of order and it must be returned to the lab on or any time before the use by date.  This test should not be run within 3 weeks of completing treatment.

Free after test advice is available with all of our screens.

Please note this screen is only available for dogs and cats.  If you have another animal and suspect Giardiasis, we recommend you contact your vet.

Further information

Giardia is a gut dwelling protozoan animal which is commonly picked up from drinking contaminated water.  It is highly contagious between pets and can also be passed onto humans.   Very often a Giardia burden is asymptotic within dogs and cats, but it can still be spread to other animals and potentially humans at this point.  If symptoms are present within your dog or cat, they may include intermittent vomiting and/or diarrhoea as well as lethargy and weight loss.

This screen is for a dog or cat only. The testing procedure adopted within our lab identifies antigens rather than cysts as this is a far more accurate measure than looking for cysts which have a very short, fragile lifecycle. Statistically, no test can ever be claimed to be 100% accurate however, based on research undertaken by an external board, compared to other brands of antigen tests, blood tests and microscopy methods, the test adopted by is very accurate (for specificity and sensitivity); which is why we have chosen to adopt this method as our standard practice.

There is a ‘use by date’ on each kit which MUST be adhered to.  The use by date will always be a minimum of 4 weeks from date of order.  Unfortunately, no refunds can be given for late submission or unused tests however please contact the office to discuss options if this occurs.

If undertaking a retest post treatment, we recommend waiting at least 3 weeks before retesting following completion of the course of treatment.  Please consider the timescales and use-by dates when ordering a kit.

This kit includes:

  • 1 padded envelope
  • 1 blue laboratory request form and instruction sheet with use by date
  • 1 labelled sample collection box in a resealable write-on panelled bag
  • 1 scented bag

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Free Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) aftercare is available where required.

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Giardia Test