Combined Worm Count and Lungworm Test Kit – Subscription

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This kit now includes free 24 hour TRACKED return postage! No need to apply a stamp to the return envelope, and you can fully track the sample’s progress back to the lab.  

One of our most popular solutions in terms of value and the range of parasites screened for. We have combined our highly renowned worm count and our lungworm test, to bring you even further savings. The screens are undertaken by fully trained and experienced analysts using microscopy and other specialist techniques, in our state of the art, purpose-built laboratory.  This screen is suitable for one animal.

Free after test advice is available with all of our screens.

Order before 3pm Monday-Friday for free same day dispatch, which we send on a 24 hour service.  If your screen is urgent and you would prefer to send a sample directly to the lab, please contact us and we will give you a Unique Lab Reference number and help you with what to do.

Savings are based on ordering single worm count and single lungworm tests individually.


Further information

A combined screen offers excellent value and is suitable for all species of animals except avians. The screen conveniently and economically allows you to undertake both a worm egg screen and a lungworm screen, offering a considerable saving compared to ordering the screens separately.

The purpose of screening is to determine if there is a mature internal parasite burden at the time the sample was taken. If so, the species of parasite(s) will be identified, so that targeted and appropriate treatment can be given. Our combined screen is very comprehensive, providing accurate identification as well as quantitative results for each species of parasite where appropriate.

The collection kits are standard for all animals, however the screening process varies slightly depending on the species. We will take care of this once received into the lab. Two separate samples are required for this screen; a one day and a three day sample. The kits come with full instructions of the requirements and we recommend they are read and followed exactly. Please check the drop down sections to determine what will be reported for each animal type.

This kit is for one animal and includes:

  • One recyclable padded envelope, made with 60% recycled material
  • Free tracked return 24hr postage
  • One white paper laboratory request form and test and instruction sheet (worm count test form)
  • One red laboratory request form and instruction sheet (lungworm test form)
  • Two recyclable sample collection boxes (one clear, one red) in resealable write-on panelled bags
  • One biodegradable second sealable bag
  • One biodegradable natural wood sampling spoon

Worm counting holds a significant importance in the context of dog health. Regular monitoring using worm counts enables early detection and treatment of internal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, threadworms and whipworms. While our lungworm test will detect the 5 species of lungworm currently in the UK. In addition, worm count and lungworm tests can confirm if your current treatment programme is working. High worm burdens can lead to a range of issues, including weight loss, poor coat condition, diarrhoea, and even life-threatening complications.

The worm count portion of the combined test reports on:

  • Ascarids
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Threadworms
  • All species of cestodes (Tapeworms*)
  • Protozoa – Coccidia

The worm count test, as standard, also reports on:

  • Undigested lipids (qualitative analysis)
  • Undigested microscopic food particles (qualitative analysis)

*Tapeworms are very intermittent shedders and do not always show on a worm egg screen.  If present, the species will be identified. As they may not have been present when the sample was taken, it is advisable to use regular tapeworm specific treatment.

This worm count screen requires a 1 day sample and comes with complete sample collection instructions.  

The lungworm portion of the combined test reports on:

  • Crenosoma vulpis (Fox lungworm)
  • Oslerus osleri (Dog Lungworm)
  • Angiostrongylus vasorum (French Heartworm)
  • Eucoleus aerophilus (Hedgehog lungworm)
  • Filaroides hirthi

Please note that it requires a three-day sample. This screen comes with complete instructions. 

Please take the samples from the first motion of the day and store the lungworm samples at room temperature whilst collecting.

Do you need also need a giardia test for your dog?

Please click here to see our Triple Pack  which includes a worm count test, lungworm test and Giardia test Kit. This combined test offers huge savings compared to purchasing each kit separately.

All parasites are reported with their English and Latin names, which is useful if veterinary intervention is required.

If running this screen for a reptile or exotic animal, the screen will identify and quantify of all species present within the family groups of:

  • Pinworms
  • Ascarids
  • Hookworm
  • Hepatic worms
  • Cestodes (Tapeworms*)
  • Lungworm Larvae

The screen also covers Identification and quantification of the following protozoans:

  • Coccidia
  • Balantidium
  • Nyctotherus

*Tapeworms are very intermittent shedders and do not always show on a worm egg screen.  If present in the sample, the species will be identified.

The lungworm screen requires samples taken over 3 consecutive days as a minimum.  This sample should be stored at room temperature during collection.

All parasites are reported with their English and Latin names, which is useful if veterinary intervention is required.

If running this screen for an equine, the screen will identify and quantify of all species present within the family groups of:

  • Redworms
  • Ascarids
  • Pinworms
  • Stomach worms
  • Neck worms
  • Cestodes (Tapeworms*)
  • Lungworm- Dictyocaulus arnfieldi

The screen, as standard, also reports on:

  • Protozoa– Eimeria lukarti
  • Undigested excess fibre (qualitative analysis) which can indicate dietary or teeth related issues

*  If tapeworm segments are present in the sample, we will report on these however, due to the irregular shedding pattern of the equine tapeworm, a negative result should not be taken as a zero presence.  We recommend at least annual worming for tapeworm.

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Free Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) aftercare is available where required.

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Combined Worm Count and Lungworm Test Kit – Subscription
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