Lungworm Screen Kit

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A faecal screen for all species of lungworm known to be present in the UK.  A 3-day sample is required for this screen.  This extended screen is undertaken in our own purpose-built laboratory, by fully trained and experienced analysts using specialist testing apparatus.

Free after test advice is available with all of our screens.

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Further information

A lungworm screen is suitable for all species of animals, except avians.  The collection kits are standard for all animals, however the screening process varies depending on the species.  We will take care of this once received into the lab.

Lungworm is present across the entire country and can be a significant cause for concern if left untreated. If a lungworm burden is present, the species of lungworm will be identified, so that targeted and appropriate treatment can be given.

A three consecutive day sample of the first faecal motion of each the day is required for this screen. The kits come with full instructions of the requirements and we recommend they are read and followed exactly. 

This kit includes:

  • 1 padded envelope
  • 1 pink laboratory request form and instruction sheet
  • 1 labelled sample collection box in a resealable write-on panelled bag
  • 1 scented bag

For dogs and cats, the potentially fatal Lungworm is on the increase and is now present in every county.  Our screen is capable of detecting all five of the species of lungworm currently present within the UK, including French heartworm.  Depending on the species and development of the infestation, symptoms can include coughing, breathlessness, debility, weight loss and increased bleeding from wounds.  It should however be noted that very often infestations are asymptomatic, therefore regular screening is highly recommended, even if your pet is exhibiting no symptoms.

This test requires samples taken over 3 consecutive days.  Please take the sample from the first motion of the day.  Samples should NOT be refrigerated

Reptiles can be exposed to lungworm if they have access to slugs or snails in their environment.  A lungworm screen requires sample over 3 consecutive days. If your reptile does not pass faeces every day, it is acceptable to provide sample from 3 consecutive ‘passings’, even if they are not on consecutive calendar days.  You would need to be entirely sure that you do not miss a passing episode for the results to be accurate.   Samples should NOT be refrigerated.

This kit screens for Dictyocaulus arnfieldi which is particularly prevalent in donkeys but can pass to horses who graze with them.  Lungworm in equines can cause coughing, lethargy and increased breathing rates, but it can be difficult to distinguish these symptoms from other respiratory tract conditions, therefore a lungworm screen is invaluable.   Unfortunately lungworm is also often asymptomatic, particularly in donkeys and younger horses.  Even if the animal is showing no symptoms, they can still be passing out larvae and spreading the infestation.

This kit screens for Dictyocaulus and is suitable for one animal per sample.

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Free Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) aftercare is available where required.

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Lungworm Screen Kit